The Pig Yard

July 2001 @ the Pig Yard...

July would normally be a busy month with ballooning every weekend and some evenings but the Foot & Mouth Disease continues to keep us on the ground. We arranged to fly out, by Ryanair not balloon, to Italy and do some flying there.
Click to go to Italy Ballooning Flying in Italy was great fun even though the visibility could have been better. We have to thank Giovanni Aimo for trusting us with one of his balloons.

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Mondovi is an hours drive south from Turin and is a mixture of fertile valleys, terraced vineyards and mountains which are a tourist attraction for winter sports.

At this time of year the colours are as warm as the weather and the people. 

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Click for a larger image We also had a touch of Rome on our return. We had a special invite to visit a Roman Villa which is being excavated at Nether Heyford. Meagre funding means the dig is active for 4 weeks every summer.

What did the Romans ever do for us....? (Life of Brian)

The Roman invasion continues. This group of enthusiasts spend their weekends entertaining and informing people with the facts of the Roman legions 2,000 years ago. Although it seemed a bit eccentric initially there was a great deal to be learned. Click for a larger image
Click for a larger image Here we have a family of foxes in the Pigyard. Clockwise - Steve, Kathy, Sophie, James, Marianne and her friend Charlotte in red with Jane standing between them. Breakfast in the garden is a rare event in this climate.

The family were on their way to a 3 week holiday in Alicante via Luton Airport and spent the Saturday evening and Sunday morning to catch up on old times. We look forward to Steve's 50th in September.


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