The Pig Yard

February 09 - This month was full of extremes. We had a manic start with both of us working our socks off whilst preparing for our week's holiday in Norfolk and this was made all the more difficult because of the snow storms that tried to stop us getting into work,

The same week last year saw us sitting outside in shirt sleeves enjoying the sunshine and this year we were being chilled to the bone by cold northerly winds.

In the first week of the month before heading off for our week in Norfolk we experienced some heavy snow falls and although Steve managed to get into work driving the Porsche on the first snowy day it got so bad towards the end of the week neither of us could get to work without using the Honda CRV. The Honda behaved itself impeccably and we had no problems getting around, in fact it was so rock solid that it was fun to drive in the snow.

On the Friday before we headed off to Norfolk we had a particularly heavy snow fall so before attempting to leave we took a walk around the village - winter wonderland.

The village looked particularly pretty with snow hanging on the trees and everything so clean and bright. According to the weather forecasters this was the heaviest fall of snow in the UK for almost twenty years. At our age this may have been the last time we would see such an event and therefore we were determined to enjoy it as much as possible.

Of course we headed off in the Honda so we had to put the Smart Car into the garage - easier said than done. Firstly Jane had to clean off all the snow. The Smart is so light and being rear wheel drive it couldn't cope with the snow so Jane had to sit in the car whilst Steve assisted it into the garage by pushing.

And let's not forget that this month marked the turning of another year in Jane's life. The usual suspects all went for a meal at the Old Cromwell Inn, Kislingbury. As the years pass by they seem to leave Jane untouched - as beautiful as ever. She still plays squash several times a month; runs the local Table Tennis club in the village hall; plays in the Table Tennis league; swims at least once a week and still finds time to read several books a month.

What a super woman. OK this bit was obviously written by Steve because Jane is far too modest about her talents.

Norfolk - February 2009

Our holiday pictures from not so sunny Norfolk. The accommodation was along a narrow country lane which was still quite icy. One big advantage was the swimming pool which was next to the main house, a five minute walk away. We went swimming every morning despite it being very cool - sufficient to take your breath away.
The Kews had missed Christmas as they were in Kenya so it would have been remiss of us not to have a Christmas tree. On the Saturday evening we even had a Christmas dinner with crackers and of course Christmas pudding with custard - as  traditional as it could be.   Whilst others rested in front of the fire we decided it was time for a walk. We headed away from the house into the local village and then along a very slushy green lane eventually finishing a circuit of about 5 or 6  miles.   Hunstanton is a seaside town locked back in the 1950s but it had its attractions like these paragliders who had leapt off the low cliffs and were manoeuvring their  way up and down the sea front. They were obviously hardy types because the wind was biting.

A walk along the beach at Hunstanton revealed an old iron shipwreck with a mass of barnacles and sea life clinging to it whilst they waited for the sea to return and cover them.


Jane decided to make the boat her own and of course whenever we're around shops Jane cannot leave her bag behind.


Steve likes to wrap up warm against the winter wind but he made a mistake wearing his bush hat because it doesn't cover his big ears and he tend to get terrible earache.

A walk with everyone always causes some discussion - so which way next? It was at this point that some people decided to cut the walk short and head for home whilst others went the full distance.   On the walk from Heacham to Hunstanton there are some formidable sea defences. We wondered how long these would last against the pounding sea.   Wells Next The Sea is a lovely, small fishing port. It has managed to retain much of its original quaintness.

Dave, Jane and Steve walked from Wells along the very sandy beach to Holkam hall and then back along the road. As always beach huts capture Jane's imagination and I'm sure a time will come when we have a holiday that includes a beach hut. Spending time next to the sea boiling kettles on a little stove to make tea while the wind blows and the sea rages.

  Langham Glass was fascinating. We stood and watch for a long time while they took a nodule of molten glass and turned it into a decanter for special brandy for a company in Spain.  

Jane's fascination was satiated everywhere we went in Norfolk. We were on a walk from Burnham Market and just as the rain started to come in sideways from the sea we had to stop to take this photo. This one is available as a holiday rent so I'm sure it will appear on our itinerary in the coming years.

Hunstanton lighthouse looking through a medieval arch that once used to be part of St Edmund's Chapel. The early lighthouse had the world's first parabolic reflector which was built here in 1776.   The groins along the coast are designed to stop erosion and it makes you wonder how long they will manage to do this before they rot but someone must have done the calculation and thinks it's worthwhile.   The house where we stayed was comfortable and well appointed as estate agents would say.

It started the week covered in snow and it was covered again just as we were preparing to leave. Another great holiday was over.