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August 2003 @ the Pig Yard...

August must have been the busiest month of the year so far and we cannot imagine how any month could've been busier. The first week of the month was the hottest ever (no exaggeration) and we were fortunate enough to be up at the Edinburgh Fringe where the coastal weather gave us sea breezes and cooling sea mists.

A week later we were busy with the Northampton Balloon Festival and we spent the rest of the month recovering from the first two weeks. These two significant events have been worthy of their own web pages and these have been produced in a different style.

The Edinburgh Fringe Festival is a wonderful experience. We first went in 1999 when we were invited by Steve's brother and we had such a great time we vowed we must do it again. The opportunity came along this year because our friends, John and Susie, were intending to stay with their daughter who was working in Edinburgh.

As it happened Steve's brother had also booked accommodation for the whole period of the Fringe Festival so we had somewhere to stay. Our week there was an event and we fitted in 4 shows per day. Click here for more...

The 13th Northampton Balloon Fiesta was one of the best ever. This has very little to do with the organisation but more a reflection of the camaraderie between pilots and crew. At times balloons were being inflated whilst squeezed between other balloons but every one was patient and courteous and there were no incidents.

Steve made 3 flights landing near to: Nether Heyford, Rugby and Staverton on consecutive occasions. Jane had a flight on the Friday morning with the rest of the crew and they landed close to Flore. Click here for more...

The end of the month Peter, our neighbour, suddenly died at the age of 55. He was a highly principled person with a great sense of humour and the bizarreness of life. He is sadly missed.

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