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February 2003 @ the Pig Yard...

February has been a delightful month, not too cold or wet and some days have been almost Spring-like. Although we've not made any major changes in our home circumstance or lives we've been busy as usual.

Jane had the scare of her life when we had a chimney fire. Steve arrived home to find a large fire engine and 5 beefy fire-fighters drinking tea and eating biscuits. They were present for two hours making sure the fire was completely out. No serious damage was done but apparently the noise was like a jet engine up the chimney with loud bangs as the brickwork expanded in the heat and contracted with the water. The log burning fire was standing in the hall for most of the month waiting for Steve to reinstall it but it was his fault for not getting the chimney swept sooner.

Normally we would be going to the cinema at least twice a month at this time of year but there hasn't been anything too exciting to see. In search of some light entertainment we went to see "Two Weeks Notice" starring Hugh Grant and Sandra Bullock. The critics gave it a real panning but we had few expectations and it made for a pleasant evenings entertainment.

We spent most of one weekend collecting logs from a large fallen poplar tree. After cutting a 50 foot tree into logs, splitting the logs and then wheel barrowing it up to the trailers we were aching in muscles we didn't know we had. The aches didn't ease until the following Wednesday. Storing the wood is proving difficult but it is like an investment in the future. These logs will need to be split before the summer so they will dry out in time for next winter.

We always look forward to our February holiday to the Lakes and we don't care what the weather is like because it is so relaxing with excellent company - see left. We are relaxing here outside the New Dungeon Ghyll pub drinking tea and coffee - sunglasses and smiles are the order of the day. This year was spectacular, although it rained over night a couple of times, the days frequently had blue skies with beautifully clear air.

A panoramic view at Dungeon Ghyll

This small bridge had the eerie shape of an eye in the reflection of the Langdale beck. Steve had an attempt at drawing the effect but gave up because his drawing skills could not match the image.

We walked from the lodge at Langdale over the hills to Grasmere. This is a walk we did a couple of years ago and it was worth the effort of the climb to see the views back over Elterwater and Langdale. The time was mid-morning and the mist was late to clear but it added to the view, the way it drifted in and then disappeared.

Jane spent a Saturday on a felt making course. She was sufficiently inspired to produce this bag and a small wall hanging.

Her next step is to start collecting sheep's wool from barbed wire fences around the village so that she can produce her organic felt items.

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