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July 2002 @ the Pig Yard......

The time just flies by and another month has gone. Thankfully we can take time out to look back and see that we have accomplished quite a few things. The weather has been reasonably kind and the latter half of the month has seen temperatures rising to 30 degrees Celsius followed by dramatic thunderstorms and days of humid drizzle.

With Jane cycling to work every day she decided to invest some time in her old bike and paint it up. The photo on the left is a before and the after is not quite complete.

She also invested some of her two pound coin collection in a new bike. She is so much in love with her 30 year old Triumph Palm Beach that she cannot bring herself to ride her new one.

We managed to get in another private flight this month, this time we flew Jackie and Iain. The evening turned out perfectly after a blustery take off. Steve managed to land in a field next to the A508 and the farmer was at the gate with welcoming gestures and a broad smile. CZAG is as pretty as ever and flies like a dream.

Sad to say that in the last weekend of the month Nick had the misfortune to burn the scoop due to the restraint webbing breaking during the inflation. A temporary repair has been undertaken and we will consider whether to replace the whole scoop next season.

On the odd evenings when the weather has not been good for gardening or flying we managed to go to the cinema. As keen Marvel comics fans from the late 60's we wanted to see Spiderman and it lived up to our expectations. The special effects of swinging between buildings was brilliant and the nerdy boy in love with the beautiful girl from next door is a well trodden path but stands up well. It didn't change Steve's dislike of spiders though.

And when the weather has been good, Jane has been slaving over her vegetable plot. The results are proving to be well worthwhile with excellent lettuces, marrows and raspberries in abundance. Provided we keep on top of the weeds through the Autumn and winter we should be in an excellent position to have a full season of vegetables in 2003.

A Stephen Spielberg movie should never be missed on the big screen so the Minority Report was on our hit list. It lived up to our expectations and is thought provoking for all of the usual conundrums of foreseeing the future and then trying to change it. Plenty of twists and turns and the usual Spielberg special effects.

The next project to be started during August is the decking at the end of the barns. We have managed to clear the site of concrete and the layer of bricks underneath. this is a photo of the before and hopefully we will have the after at the end of August.... watch this space.

Steve has been influenced by the Sunday Times again and bought a Beth Orton CD - Central Reservation. She has a wistful voice and the music is somewhat reminiscent of Fairport Convention without the melodies, there is also a touch of Sheryl Crow without the harshness. Its interesting that in these processed music days the producers have decided to include the notes she sings off key which is a bit irritating.

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