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February 2002 @ the Pig Yard...

February seems to have been a very theatrical month. We went to the Royal Theatre in Northampton to see "A very passionate woman" which was about the mid-life crisis of a fifty+ year old woman. We went mainly because it featured a hot air balloon and we were intrigued to see how it would fit on the stage. As it turned out it was an excellent production with some very poignant moments, especially as we are fifty+.

We also had free tickets to see the dress rehearsal of the Royal Shakespeare Company presenting A Midsummer Night's Dream. It turned out it was also a technical rehearsal and therefore the first hour was a run through of the last ten minutes of the play. It amazed us how long it took to get it right. We enjoyed the experience despite the weather being very wet and making the journey a bit of a nightmare. For more information go to

It surprises us that we have lived in Northamptonshire for over 25 years and we've only just discovered the pleasure of the RSC at Stratford upon Avon. As a result of this we booked seats for the RSC production Alice In Wonderland in early March.

Much of our spare time in February has been occupied with decorating the library in preparation for new carpet being laid. Steve decided to run cable through the concrete floor so that coffee tables in the middle of the room can have table lamps without trailing leads. This task proved to be more daunting than first anticipated but has produced very good results.
Jane was getting more paint on the ceiling than herself but the white blotches on her shirt may indicate differently. Painting white onto a white ceiling must be one of the least satisfying decorating jobs, even so Jane managed it with a smile... and a paint brush.
The new carpet has proven to be a better colour than we anticipated and the carpet fitter completed the work on time and made a very good job it. As you can see from the photo we have carpeted one end of the room and the other end will have laminate wood flooring which Steve will fit in the coming weeks. All we have to do is move all the furniture you can see onto the carpet and decorate that end. This is a room of two ends.

We took a rest from decorating to have our usual February break in the Lake District. This year was probably the worst weather we have experienced for many years and the enthusiasm and health of most of us wasn't up to undertaking adventurous walks. By careful monitoring of the weather forecasts we managed to complete this early morning walk in dappled sunshine without getting rained upon.

Dave and Steve decided to risk Helm Crag (Lion and the Lamb) again this year because they enjoyed it so much last year, see February 2001. This year was very different with snow falling as we left the car park in Grasmere and the walk up to the base of the hill was a good warm up.
Steve found climbing to 1700 feet much harder than last year and was an indication of his lack of fitness. No wonder he made a mental note to eat less and get fitter on his return from holiday. As ever the view from the top over Grasmere was magical and worth every strained breath.
With a bit of photo manipulation it appears as though we had a third person on top of the hill. We both managed a smile as the warmth of the climb meant removing hats and gloves. Dave offered to remove more with the intention of fulfilling some deep fantasy but Steve managed to persuade him not to.

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