The Pig Yard

December 08 - We arrived back from our holiday in Kenya in the first week of December and we make no apology for including a link to the Kenya photos simply because it has taken us all month to get the page completed and written up.

For a change we enjoyed the run up for Christmas - Steve often gets depressed by the whole period particularly around getting just the right gift for Jane but he seemed to come to terms with it this year and got the Christmas tree up in plenty of time which Jane decorated beautifully. We also had Jane's mum staying with us for a few days over the Christmas week and this can be quite stressful but it went very smoothly.

On Christmas Day Jane's mum was joined by Graham & Sue, Nick & Val and Martin & Kate for dinner with Jane doing all the preparation of the Turkey and the trimmings. It was a great meal, particularly as we were sitting around our new dinning table that we purchased the week before Christmas and we managed to fit nine people around it with ease.

For stories and thumbnail pictures of our Kenya adventure - click here for more...

Our Christmas was very traditional. The run up to the holiday is exceedingly busy especially for Jane who not only coped with the usual festive shopping but also worked very long hours to clear the dispensing requirements of patients who struggled to plan their medicines over the few days that the surgery would be closed.

Prior to Christmas dinner we showed our video of the Kenyan holiday. Steve had worked hard on the editing and in an attempt to keep its length down to under 45 minutes he probably over cut it however it did leave everyone wanting more rather than falling asleep half way through.

The Christmas dinner was perfectly cooked, the champagne and wine flowed sufficiently to keep everyone who wasn't driving on top form.

We filled what was left of the evening, after finishing dinner, playing Pictionary - the girls won and we watched Wallace & Gromit on TV.

Between Christmas and New Year we were visited by Jane's sister Carol and her husband Frank who stayed overnight and then took Jane's mum home. We went back to work between Christmas and New Year, Jane because the surgery was open and she was working her normal shifts and Steve because he had allowed all his senior managers to take the time off so he was covering for everyone.

We had dinner on New Year's Eve at Nick & Val's with Martin & Kate. Unfortunately Graham was unwell with a virus that made him feel dizzy and sick - not a good way to see in the New Year.

So what are our predictions for 2009:

  • We're pretty certain that this will be the year we will visit Venice and Florence.

  • There's a strong possibility we will get up to the Edinburgh Festival and Inverness

  • We will try to enjoy every moment of every day

  • We will be keeping our cars

  • We won't be moving house (who will be in the current housing climate?)

  • Steve will retire in October