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June 2003 @ the Pig Yard...

June has been dominated by our holiday in the South of France. It was such a good week that we've devoted a whole page to it with plenty of pictures - South of France - apologies if it takes a little longer than usual to download.


We managed to get in one flight in our balloon on a Saturday morning with some people Jane knew. It was quite brisk and we managed to get quite close to Rugby masts after only an hour before putting down in a grass field beside a long unmade road. Jane was close at hand in the retrieve vehicle as usual.

Steve was down to fly for the Ballooning Business apart from the weekends when we were on holiday. He did three flights each of them on Saturday evenings and they were a very good introduction to the first commercial flights of the season.

Each time he managed to land in some large fields right next to a road with open gates and friendly farmers.

We didn't really get a lot done in the garden apart from a little maintenance but we did return from holiday to discover the pond fairies had been busy digging out the pond. Many thanks to Martin and Kate for the gift of their time in getting the pond a lot deeper.


The final weekend of the month was given over to hosting a visit from Jane's mum. Although Jane had to work on Saturday morning and Steve was flying in the evening we managed to keep her entertained and fed. Sue & Graham invited us over to a meal on Saturday evening and this was a pleasant change for mother to get out and see other people. Steve joined us all after he returned from his flight.

Sunday morning breakfast out on the decking. We had been for an early morning swim so we were ready for breakfast, we're not sure what mother had done to deserve her three course meal - perhaps getting out of bed is enough.

Jane is on the phone to Ruth her sister in Tasmania so it was a bit of a family reunion across the world.

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