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February 2001 @ the Pig Yard...

February looked as though it would be a non event and the December world tour was fading from our memories as the day to day grind of work began to wear us down.

We did get to see Hannibal this month. Jane enjoyed the book and although the film created the scenes very close to the book the ending was disappointing but leaves it open for a sequel. For film reviews try Hannibal
Hannibal rating 2.5/5
Our annual holiday to Cumbria was slightly different as we stayed in a stone cottage at Chapel Stile. The weather this year was just unbelievably good. After arriving to slushy snow on Saturday by the Monday morning the skies had cleared and most days found us walking in shirt sleeves even at 1700 feet.

Looking down from Easdale Tarn towards Grasmere, with clear blue skies and a slight haze which had lifted from the valleys as the morning warmed up.

On days like this its just great to be alive.

We managed to climb to the Lion and the Lamb and walk along the ridge. From the top of Calf Crag where we stopped for a moment as the clouds came rolling in beneath us - it was very atmospheric.

Looking back up Far Easdale we realised what a great walk this was and wondered why we had never done it before. After undertaking the steep climb to 1700 feet and then along the ridge we should have been tired but at this stage we were walking on air.
Jane knew her hat would come in useful at some stage and although it was very hot when she bought it in Hobart in December it was not so warm at the Roman Fort (Mediobogdum) on Hardknott pass. We cannot imagine when the Romans ever took their clothes off to bathe because it's always cold up there.
Just take a look at this sky. Wow!!

Believe me this is the Lake District in February.

Elterwater with Langdale Pikes in the distance.

After our holiday we came home to have a birthday camp fire for Jane. Needless to say the evening was a happy gathering but although the fire was sufficient to cook the bacon, sausages and beans to perfection it was difficult to keep warm in the sub zero temperatures.
In the final weekend of the month our dear friends from college days Jon and Susie stayed one night on their way home from spending half term in Barcelona. We had a great evening catching up on the gossip but there was just too much to say so we shall reconvene in Yorkshire during March. Susie's new car is wonderful and one hell of a Christmas present. What's Jon going to do next year?

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