The Pig Yard

Italy 2001...

The Piazza in the oldest part of Mondovi. Just the place to sit at a cafe and watch the world drift slowly by.

It was so good we did it twice at two different cafes to avoid a routine.

A view from the clock tower. What a beautiful colour there is in these roof tiles. It is warm and friendly which is a reflection of the country and its people. Click for a larger image
Click for a larger image Vinadio was close to the French border and the fort was built to stop the Gauls invading Italy. We couldn't imagine anyone breaking through the defences.

There was evidence that this small village is quite a tourist trap during the height of the season however it was relatively deserted whilst we were there - thank goodness. 

The wine region around Barolo is famous for its high quality red wine. We stopped in the village and sampled a glass at 3 pounds each which was the most expensive wine any of us had tasted in Italy.

We drank red wine from a jug mixed with sparkling water at dinner so we cannot be remotely considered to be wine connoisseurs.

Click for a larger image
Sunflowers in isolation are magnificent plants but when seen as a crop it makes oil seed rape look insignificant. Unfortunately we were not around when the flowers were looking up at the sun. Click for a larger image
Click for a larger image A visit to the coast was on the itinerary and it only took 90 minutes down a fast toll road. This was Noili which had a strong Moorish influence. It was market day and Jane couldn't resist buying a small round table cloth with lemons embroidered around the edge. It's now on the hall table.
The cathedral at Vicoforte was magnificent. It is allegedly the largest elliptical church in the world. It will always be remembered for the fit of giggles it produced when Nick referred to an old lady talking to a cupboard (confessional). Jane added to the whole experience by dropping coins into the offertory box which was intended for notes. The noise echoed around the church and everyone was aware that we had given 500 lire with an exchange rate of fifteen pence. Click for a larger image
Click for a larger image At Bene Vagienna we sat out at yet another cafe and watched the village market trade and then pack away. There was a suggestion that this was Steve cleaning up afterwards. Its incredible that some of the windows and features are painted onto the buildings.

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