The Pig Yard

November 2001 @ the Pigyard...

At least November proved to be more exciting than last year. In the early part of the month we went to see the Counterfeit Stones at the local theatre. As a tribute band they are excellent and take on the full persona of the Stones throughout the performance. They covered music from the 60's through to the late 70's, arguably the best period of the Stones music.
In preparation for next year we planted some willow whips which, when grown can be woven into a hedge and will be a perfect screen for the Propane gas tank. We had to soak them in water for 4 weeks to encourage root growth and we anticipate some will die but we have a few in reserve just in case. Picture to follow soon.
At long last we had the new windows installed in the library (it does have some books in it). We had tried to get these made by several joiners but to no avail but after 18 months of persistence on Jane's part they have been installed and are really superb. The gothic arches reflect the arches in the church.

Jane's sister from Australia, Ruth, arrived to celebrate their mother's 80th birthday. . A special meal has been organised for December at a North London hotel and a whole load of friends and relations will descend for the event, more on this next month.
Like many millions of others this month we went to see Harry Potter at the cinema. It was extremely enjoyable even if it was very long. It's interesting to realise that when young it is difficult to sit still for too long and fidgeting is a way of life. When you get to a certain age it is painful to sit still because the joints lock up and ache.

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