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December 2001 @ the Pig Yard...

Happy New Year to all our readers

In the first week of December Jane's mother reached the magnificent age of 80. In order to celebrate the occasion the family organised a family and friends get together at a hotel in North London. This was a very happy event with old friends making new friends. There were a few tears as people realised they may not meet again for some time.
In the second week of December Jane arranged for Jane's mother and her sister Ruth, from Tasmania, to have a short break at the Mill in Burford, Oxfordshire.
We stayed a few days in a cottage just across the yard with our niece Jo. Jane's sister Carol with her husband Frank came to spend some time there as well. It was only a short walk from the cottage to the centre of the village although the night life was nothing to write home about.
Posing for the camera from the left is Ruth, Jo, Steve and Jane. It would not be a break if we didn't manage to fit in a walk or two. Lucy the Jack Russell managed to keep up with the pace. It was quite cold as you can see from the silly hats, scarves and rosy cheeks.
Steve's brother from San Francisco arrived half way through the month only a few days after his Christmas present to us which was a large hamper from Fortnum and Masons. At first sight the F&M emblazoned on the wicker basket made us think of Foot and Mouth but this was something very different.

Christmas was a busy time as it is for most people. We had Jane's mother staying with us for the Christmas period although we did have to go into work between Christmas and New Year. Thirteen people came for Christmas dinner and we were busy finding tables and chairs for everyone. It was a warm and happy time, with everyone staying for the whole evening. We considered it a dress rehearsal for when we go away to Derbyshire in the second week of January.

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