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April 2002 @ the Pig Yard...

The weather during April was excellent and spring arrived with a period of nearly thirty days with very little rain until the last weekend of the month. Jane had a mini reunion thanks to Friends Reunited, Steve undertook his first commercial flight of the year and we both had an excellent weekend away in central London courtesy of Jane's brother, Richard and his partner Nicola.
Jane took a Saturday out from her busy schedule to catch up with her friends Sue and Linda from Hornsey High School. They spent the day reminiscing about old boy friends and visiting the haunts of their teenage years. A further reunion is planned for September with more of the "gang".
The visit to Tate Modern was Steve's first and Jane's second. After spending two hours puzzling over the obscure and enjoying the beautiful we came away unsure what constitutes art and probably that is the intention. Art is everywhere and we should look for it in everything but often every day life gets in the way of appreciating our surroundings.

There's nothing like a wet Friday in London to appreciate the capital city in its most natural state. This photograph was taken looking down the river towards the Tower Bridge from the Millennium Bridge with a strong wind blowing and the skies threatening more rain.

The Millennium Bridge is open again now that the designers have spent millions of pounds damping the suspension system so that it doesn't sway anymore. This photo was taken from the seventh floor of Tate Modern in the cafe area. Considering the number of staff around this must be the slowest service we have experienced in a long time so we were grateful for the view.

For us this year has been a Shakespearian experience with two visits to Stratford and now a visit to the Globe Theatre, the city's only thatched building. The tour was good but we were disappointed that we didn't get a chance to go up into the galleries to get different viewpoints. The thought of standing or sitting on hard wooden seats for three hours of a Shakespeare play did not fill us with any great desire to buy a ticket.

We have some very old pencil drawings of Lincolns Inn Fields and Jane had a desire to see this area so we wandered into the lawyers hallowed turf and were amazed at the buildings and private parkland available to these legal fat cats. The vaulted ceiling was of particular interest.

Thanks to Jane's brother we managed to get to see About A Boy at the Barbican and this proved to be a great "feel-good" film. Steve insisted that just because Hugh Grant happened to drive an Audi TT any similarity ended there.

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