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June 2002 @ the Pig Yard......

Another windy month has blown by and there was a time when we thought we'd not be flying again until July. The longest day arrived and it proved to be overcast and windy, thereafter the pessimists amongst us talk of the nights drawing-in and "it'll soon be Christmas".

Having applied for jobs in doctor's surgeries for the last year, Jane managed to obtain a post as a receptionist/dispenser for 20 hours a week at a practice in a village only three miles away. The Council had 23 years of her working life and never having children or thankfully any serious illness or operations no time to herself either. She needed a complete change from Housing. Here are two of the trees that were purchased with one of the very generous garden vouchers her work mates gave her. The left one is a fig tree, we love the beautiful shaped leaves, the other one is a catalpa (Indian Bean tree) which is about 5 metres tall already and has large red leaves.
We managed to finish decorating the landing and had a new carpet laid. After much changing of minds about colour we are quite happy with the eventual outcome. We now have pale yellow walls and a grey carpet, which makes the landing feel more spacious, light and airy.
Early on in the month a couple of airships flew over the house. They were advertising a special Queen's jubilee lottery draw. Considering this is a one-off event it appears to be a very expensive advertising medium.

Still on the subject of flying our annual visitors arrived in the spring and took up residence in the garage again. This year they produced a brood of five and all of them survived the threatening presence of Murphy and Millie to take to the air. The parents are very caring and there is constant chattering between the fledglings and the returning parents. The downside is the amount of bird droppings on the cars but this is a small price to pay for such wonderful guests.

Many of our friends have taken to two wheels in the past twelve months. This month Dave decided to change his current motor bike for something a bit faster. A Yamaha 850 TDM means nothing to us but as you can see he was very pleased with his latest acquisition, incidentally it is the same colour as our new decor on the landing!

Steve flew Dave and Carolyn from his work. It was a beautiful evening and there haven't been too many of them this summer.

This was Steve's first flight using his new GPS. Steve thinks it's what every boy should have in their pocket along with the ball of string, pen knife, sticky boiled sweet, empty matchbox, snotty hanky, etc.

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