The Pig Yard

August 2001 @ the Pig Yard...

August is normally a month of great activity because of ballooning, particularly the weekend of the Northampton Balloon Festival, but with no flying due to the restrictions from Foot and Mouth Disease it has proven to be an anticlimax.

We did participate in the balloon glow on the Friday night and although this was excellently choreographed by Flying Pictures' Ian Ashpole at the time of the pilot's briefing it sounded exceedingly "naff". We were especially thrilled the following day to see the Wrangler balloon splashed over the front page of the local rag.

Click for a larger image As usual during the balloon festival weekend the crew were invited to an Al Fresco get together in Tony & Jude's back garden. Excellent food and Good company always help to overcome the depression of not being able to fly.
To make sure we had a patio completed by the end of the summer we got a "proper" man in to do it. As always it wasn't quite how we wanted it but with all builders one has to compromise or the job would never be finished. We found the heavy, black, blocks under a layer of concrete in one of the old barns which we demolished two years ago. On a sunny August day it looks good and once the old mortar has washed off the old blocks it will look excellent. Click for a larger image


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