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December 2002 @ the Pig Yard...

Happy & Stress Free New Year

December must be one of the most stressful months of the year. The prospect of Christmas is a dichotomy, on the one hand there is the thought of a restful few days off but on the other hand is the rush to buy and wrap presents and write and post Christmas cards. Thankfully Jane takes all this in her stride and in a strange, masochistic way enjoys it.

Jane has been visiting the auctions recently and managed to come home with a number of bargains. Here is a picture of one jug that she took a fancy to and bought. A cow milk jug is quite appropriate. Unfortunately it was one item in a lot with 39 other jugs with only one worthy of keeping.

She also bought two high back chairs which will look very stylish as garden seats.

Having read all of the books it would be stupid not to see the films as they come out. Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets was good but of course the novelty has worn a little thin and possibly this story was not one of the best. The special effects were superb.

Another part of Jane's leaving present from SNC was spent on this black bamboo plant. Thankfully we planted it early enough to miss the rains of December and it soon settled into its new location.

The garden is very flat and needs some tall trees and plants to give it some height. The bamboo will help and we are thinking of getting a walnut tree in the early spring.

As an added bonus we received a woven pig for Christmas which can be seen here rooting around at the base of the bamboo.

This Christmas was the first time we had an artificial tree. In the past we've always had real trees which start dropping their needles the moment you bring them into the house and it used to drive Steve, the control freak, nuts.

Now we wished we'd always had an artificial tree because Jane decorated it superbly, the best tree ever.

We had a very busy Christmas day, visiting the neighbours and sorting out the final cards. In fact we were so busy we didn't get to open our presents until Boxing Day.

We were invited to Nick and Val's for Christmas dinner. The weather was good enough to fit in a walk before dinner and after a superb meal we all sat around talking and watching the usual Christmas night TV programmes.

We had to return to work between Christmas and New Year, Steve had a touch of a virus and the weather was mild and wet. Rather than have a riotous night out on New Year's Eve we decided to watch the video of Lord of the Rings as a reminder of the film we saw last January before we see The Two Towers sometime in early January.

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