The Pig Yard

Millennium Dome 8 January 2000...

Our visit to the Dome in January 2000 was an exciting event and well worth the visit. It came as a result of a Birthday present to Steve from our good friends Tony and Jude. There was so much bad press about the dome we wondered what it was going to be like. It was a magical day from beginning to end. We were tired after wandering around for over 6 hours and we hadn't seen everything.

The central performance was a superb combination of acrobatics and special stage effects. The fact that there was a story behind the display was immaterial because the whole event was just amazing. The characters on stilts have a link with an Aboriginal story we saw in an exhibition in Sydney.

This is January and here we are outside the Dome, beside the Thames but no need for coats because it was such a beautiful day - Jane did sneak a scarf on for the time being. Our smiles tell the whole story.

This sculpture was unbelievably lifelike. Its skin had skin-like texture and there were blemishes to add to the realism. It certainly drew the crowds and was fascinating when viewed from all angles.

The Gerald Scarfe sculptures were very thought provoking. This one was titled the fascist. Each reflected an element of the British psyche. The attendants were more than happy to discuss the displays and enjoyed debates about the meaning behind the exhibits.