Good days

The sunny, dry weather continues. Helene came to stay for a few days and we travelled up to Doncaster to visit a Canadian friend of hers who has been in the country for some months. We went to Cusworth House, a family estate that is now owned and managed by Doncaster council. The house wasn’t open but we had lunch outside at the Butler’s café followed by a walk round the grounds.

Making the most of these bright days we went for a walk along the Viking Way between Tealby and Walesby. Along the route there are several large houses. The garden of one of them is laid out in an Italianate style with a wavy garden wall and cypress trees.

As we walked nearer to Walesby there is a deer farm with some cute young fawns keeping their distance.

On the outskirts of Walesby is the Ramblers church. It has fallen into disrepair and we couldn’t see how it would ever be restored. With the sun streaming through the window it was a delightful space despite the damp and musty smell.

We took time to read the articles about its history before heading down into Walesby and the then returning towards Tealby on a different route and the parked Mazda.

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