First Bee Inspection

I’ve dipped into the hive several times over the past months to feed the bees and now, with the warmer weather, it was time to open them up and take a look to see what’s going on.

The bees are all clustered towards the front of the hive and are busy on 6 frames which is quite normal but I have a concern they are reluctant to spread onto the back frames for some reason.

Below the queen excluder and the brood the bees had built up comb and the queen had laid eggs. The white squiggles are larvae which have become exposed as I took the queen excluder off. Unfortunately these larvae won’t survive. The most probable reason for them doing this is because it is warmer above the clustered bees than spreading along the frames. Hopefully with warmer weather they will stop doing this.

This is a close up of the above image.

When I put the hive back together I interspersed the empty frames within the populated ones. I’ve since been told by my bee mentor Gary, that there is a risk the bees will abandon the separated frames so I need to go back in and put them back as they were originally.

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