Wardrobe, Greenhouse and Bees…

The disruption from having the wardrobe fitted last week has finished and the dust has settled – literally.

It has given me an opportunity to cull my clothes and I have several bags ready to take to the hospice charity warehouse this week. I have four suits hanging in the guest bedroom and haven’t worn them since I retired (12 years ago) so I’m recycling three of them.

I’m really enjoying spending time in the greenhouse and watching the seeds coming through. I feel certain I have seen the last of the frosts and so I’ve planted out the dwarf green beans.

There’s still enough space on the floor for several grow bags and it occurs to me that I could sow salad leaves here to get them ready in a few weeks.

The warmer weather is bringing the bees out in great numbers. I need to undertake an inspection in the next couple of days to ensure they are well and the queen is laying plenty of eggs.

In the next few weeks if the colony becomes too crowded the bees will start the process of getting ready to swarm. The way to avert swarming is to split the colony before they get to that stage. It can be a gamble and is more of an art than a science but I’d like to avoid a swarm if I can.

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