Bedroom Update

After eight years of temporary shelving and clothe rails I decided last autumn to have the walk-in wardrobe fitted properly. I’ve had to wait three months but at last the work is about to start.

I’ve temporarily vacated the bedroom, sleeping in the guest bedroom. An interesting experience.

The fitter arrived before the pieces had been delivered because he had the wrong day. Hopefully he will return tomorrow. Within 30 minutes of the fitter leaving the lorry turned up. The guys quickly carried all the wood up to the bedroom. It seems like a lot of stuff for such a small space.

Of course it was raining when the the delivery occurred and the driver had the challenge of turning the truck around without driving on the lawns or demolishing D&Ls house overhang.

He managed it very well with a three point turn

With the spare shelving unit from the bedroom I decided to use it in the workshop at the back of the garage. It required me to reorganise the existing shelving and throw out a lot of old paint pots left over from the build.

It was a useful exercise and the workspace is a lot tidier. It is still a work in progress.

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