Good Weather, Food & Bees

The weather has been so good over the past week that I’ve managed to get out and about several times. H came to stay and we went to Chapel St Leonards where we walked for two hours along the beach before eating a picnic on a bench next to the North Sea Observatory.

The drive home through the Wolds with the roof down was perfect.

As part of Lincolnshire’s heritage, I had to take H to Grimsby and visit the National Fishing Heritage Centre. It demonstrates the hardships of fishermen from 1850 – 1970 when Grimsby had the largest fishing fleet in the world. At the time, trawling was the most dangerous occupation in the UK.

Grimsby has seen better days but the civic community are trying to improve the look and feel. What makes a town’s culture is its people… Grimsby is fighting an uphill battle.

Cooking has become an important pastime and I’ve recently explored a couple of new recipes. The first was recommended by a friend – curried salmon on a bed of aloo saag. A delicious combination and one that I will definitely cook again. I also have explored pate for my lunchtime sandwich. A couple of weeks ago I made a crab pate using tinned crab which worked well so this week I made mackerel pate. Looks and tastes good very good.

The warm weather has seen my bees coming and going with plenty of pollen. It was time to open the hive and find out what was going on. I was dismayed to find they had built a mass of honeycomb with eggs and larvae above the brood box. This isn’t supposed to happen.

The only solution was to remove the comb with part formed larvae and a few bees. Sadly it had to be done to make room for the Super box on top. This is where the bees should be storing their honey.

Now the weather has become cooler I will have to wait a week or two to see how this has affected the colony. Hopefully no harm done.

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