Tech and Gardening…

After 3 years of good service I decided to retire my Samsung Galaxy S10 and buy a new S22. The changeover is made easier by connecting the old and new together and transferring Apps and data, however there are still some tweaks such as passwords and customised ringtones.

After a few days I think I’ve got it set up. I cracked the screen of my old phone within 3 months of ownership and had to live with it for 3 years so this time I’ve bought a wallet for it to sit in. This makes it bulkier but I’m sure I will learn to live with the change.

The recent dry, warmer weather has given me a chance to work on the vegetable plot. The broad beans and garlic sets I sowed in the autumn have grown through and I’ve sown single rows of carrots, parsnips and beetroot in the hope that there won’t be too many frosts.

It is so enriching to be sowing new crops.

The new greenhouse is being put to good use. I have some more broad beans coming through and have sown tomatoes, sweet peppers, green beans, cavolo nero, red cabbage, and flower seeds – sweet peas, aubretia and penstemon.

I’ve bought a couple of tomato bags ready for when the seeds have grown large enough.

H bought me a max/min thermometer which is a useful addition.

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