Dull, wet and windy

Not all of my weeks are busy or exciting. The past week has been very dull. The high winds brought in by storms Dudley and Eunice thankfully haven’t had a major impact on the Pig Yard. The mature trees have remained vertical although they have been dropping twigs over the lawns and drive but that’s quite normal at this time of year.

Some people haven’t been so lucky.

I’ve been kept busy this week taking on the management of Lincolnshire Beekeepers Association website. It is taking me a lot more time than I anticipated largely because it had been developed using a non standard WordPress website builder. There are a total of 39 pages and each one had to be edited. The previous editor left behind a lot of superfluous code which had to be removed however hidden within this code might be links or images. It has been challenging. To view the site click here…

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