Packing it in…

It’s been a busy week because I’ve had H (previously known as Julia) staying with me. We met up with my college friends, Tim & Wid, in Barton on Wednesday. Widdy hasn’t been well and it was so good to see her back on track towards full health.

On Thursday we went to the National Holocaust Centre in Laxton, a short drive north of Newark. This wasn’t going to be a “fun” visit but H and I were both interested. She has a very personal reason.

The Centre has been developed from a large family home and is surprisingly large and very welcoming.

The Centre represents the depths of man’s inhumanity to man and emphasises the fact we must never forget the awful things humanity is capable of.

We both felt this is never truer than now with the extreme right wing views in the USA and also reflected in the UK.

We cannot change the past but we can all influence the future and it is our responsibility to be kind to each other regardless. The time at the centre was very informative and it was worth every minute of the two hours we spent there.

We finished the week by visiting Newark. A cold windy day with lunch at the Green Olive café just off the market square. We must return to visit the National Civil War museum at some point.

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