Keeping Busy

Now the greenhouse is complete I needed to install the power socket I’d removed from the shed. It was very cold (3 degrees C) but I cracked on with the job and after a couple of hours it was installed, connected and working. It isn’t quite straight but I can live with it.

The next task is to lay the power cable to Piglets charger and fill the channel I cut out with cement.

I’m in no rush to put back the pots and trays ready to start the growing season however I can see it happening sooner rather than later.

On a cold, grey winter afternoon what is there to do but to go for a walk.

This month’s u3a photography challenge is winter sky and I wondered if there was a chance of capturing a grey sky. I had several attempts and this is probably I came close to capturing the scene – a rusty signpost with signs looking worse for wear.

The fields were very tacky and I managed to collect a lot of mud on my boots; sufficient to raise my height by a couple of centimetres.

Wide fields and grey sky

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