Another New Arrival

I’ve been waiting since the end of August for my greenhouse to arrive and be constructed. Like all purchases during these Covid times there seems to be a variety of reasons why “stuff” isn’t available sooner than 3 months or trades people have the time in their busy schedules. Today, on a cold, frosty day, two guys arrived just before 9am and the greenhouse was completed by the mid afternoon.

It took two chaps about an hour to get most of the frame in place and after a coffee or two they were inserting the glass. By 3pm they were cleaning up and the job was finished.

Before putting in the seed trays and pots ready for the spring I will treat the staging with decking preservative. I’m also thinking about what I should put on the floor. One idea I’m contemplating is using the tiles I put down in the garage and replace them with something sturdier. Before any of that I need to sort out the electric socket and the power for Piglet ready for when she starts cutting again.

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