Six Years and Counting

How to mark the sixth anniversary of Jane’s death was difficult. Recollections and memories can easily slip into wallowing and self-pity so I decided to do something we would have both enjoyed. I drove to Chapel St Leonards on the Lincolnshire coast.

First stop was the North Sea Observatory where I had one of the sweetest hot chocolates I had ever tasted. It looked good and was very comforting.

It was soon consumed and time to walk the beach.

I walked for 30 minutes up the coast and barely came across another soul. There was a dog that kept barking at the waves as they washed in. I thought it should be called Canute after King Canute who demonstrated he wasn’t all powerful by trying in vain to turn back the tide.

I walked back to the Observatory and it was so busy I decided to sit outside to eat my Lincolnshire Sausage in a Ciabatta. The temperature was 8 degrees C but with the sun on me and the warmth generated from my walk it wasn’t a hardship.

For the drive back through the Lincolnshire Wolds I put the roof down, turned the heater up and blasted along with the Sat Nav giving me warnings of any impending speed cameras.

The day had been the best tribute I could pay to Jane.

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2 Responses to Six Years and Counting

  1. Kath Charlett says:

    A lovely way to honour Jane’s memory Steve x

  2. Mary Cartwright says:

    Just lovely & perfect Steve. x

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