As reported in my previous Christmas post the potting shed was partially disassembled however I had concerns that the roof would suddenly collapse in on me while I was unscrewing the final panels.

As it turned out the final stages worked out quite well.

With some help and support, literally, from Dave next door, the final pieces came down without too much trouble. At one point it seemed as though it might fall against the back fence but the two of us slowly coaxed it to fall in on itself. I then unscrewed and levered the sections apart leaving the wooden base.

The concrete base is in good condition however I will need to move the power cable that comes through the base in the back left hand corner. It may require some channelling of the base to run the cable into a better place because the new greenhouse has cut off corners. I will also need to make sure the power cable from the Piglet charger is run around the edge of the green house.

I did manage to graze my calf as the back panel fell down and I lost a pozidrive screwdriver which hopefully will turn up.

The next step is to power-wash the base to make sure it is clean before the greenhouse goes up.

This is the greenhouse that will, with luck, magically appear on the shed base before the end of January.

I’m not sure having a proper greenhouse will improve my vegetable crops but I live in hope.

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