Christmas Day 2021

In the run up to Christmas Day I’ve been slowly taking the potting shed down. I’ve got to the point where there’s very little holding the roof in place and I’m a little concerned as to how I’m going to remove it without it falling onto me. The walls are bowing out with the weight of the roof so I need to be careful. The greenhouse arrives on 18th January and the guy is coming to erect it on 21st if the weather is OK. Looking forward to this major transition in the garden.

I couldn’t get through Christmas without making some sausage rolls. They’re not my best because I didn’t use the Jamie Oliver recipe but they are good enough and in life sometimes good enough is all you can hope for.

Originally I was cooking for five however sadly Nick & Val went down with coughs and colds so they sensibly stayed at home. Lunch for three – Dave & Lucie and me.

The mini Boeuf en Croute were enormous and along with roast potatoes, carrots, parsnips (home grown) and brussels was really too much. There was no room for desserts or any of the nibbles I had bought. I shall save them for New Year’s Eve. Next time I shall cut the fillet steaks in two.

As friends we don’t give presents however my secretive “friend” bought me some pasta bowls and pasta. I’ve been banging on about pasta bowls for the last six months and she convinced me I didn’t need them whilst she was sneakily buying me some.

I can’t wait to explore some pasta and Mediterranean dishes and use these delightful additions to my tableware.

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2 Responses to Christmas Day 2021

  1. Ian Flinders says:

    The shed…..
    The Aussie way would be a sledge hammer, box of matches and a beer in the hand in front of the bonfire!!!

    • Steve says:

      I have to consider the neighbours who might object to an inferno in the garden and it is also very close to the boundary fence. I’m thinking of using some of the panels as a roof to my log stores. Would be a shame to simply burn it…

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