Sundays, breakfast and music

Sundays are the worst day of the week for me and from conversations I’ve had with others who live alone it isn’t uncommon. There’s not a great deal going on and so you have to make your own amusement. In the summer it’s relatively easy to find things to do out in the garden but as winter starts to bite the cold inhibits a lot of activity.

To designate the weekend I change my usual breakfast routine (muesli – summer, porridge – winter) and have croissants on Saturday and poached egg with mashed avocado on home baked granary toast.

While eating breakfast on Sunday I also listen to piano music courtesy of Amazon music and Ludovico Einaudi. It starts the day in a very calming way – no dramas, no stress or fretting over things I cannot change or even things I can.

Music plays an important part in my life and even more so over the last five years when I spend more time alone than with other people. I do have a reputation amongst my friends for liking wistful female singers and I make no apology for that. Music evokes memories for me and I can relate a piece of music to particular events in my life. I know I fell for Jane watching her dance to Marvyn Gaye’s Heard it Through the Grapevine. These memory associations don’t seem to fade with the years. I keep collecting music and memories.

The last couple of weeks has seen the release of new albums from Ed Sheeran; Adele; Sting and Robert Plant/Alison Krauss. Through a variety of means I’ve managed to acquire all four albums.

I’ve been a big fan of Ed Sheeran for many years and he never disappoints. His latest album is full of variety and there are some great lyrics. He is a brilliant singer/songwriter who appeals to the romantic in me.

Over the past 12 years Adele has always produced great albums with really memorable songs however her latest is a disappointment and strikes me as a lot of self indulgent nonsense. There are a few tracks that are good but not many. I cannot see me playing this very often. A real let down.

From the good old days of The Police, Sting has been on my playlist but he went through a period when he was attempting to connect with his working class Newcastle roots and was too much up his own arse to be interesting.

His latest album, Bridge, is a return to his best. He is back on my playlists.

Robert Plant and Alison Krauss are not two voices one would imagine going well together however their first album Raising Sands was very good and so I took a gamble and bought Raising the Roof. There’s a good mix of harmonies between his rough, edgy voice and her crystal clear tones. It’s an album that will last the test of time and probably be played over and over again.

And to finish my musical appreciation post I cannot leave out London Grammar (wistful female voice). I never get bored with the variety of music they produce – album after album is cutting edge. I’ll leave you to judge for yourself.

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2 Responses to Sundays, breakfast and music

  1. Steve says:

    Hi Ian – I know not many people look at my blog however it is a very good diary of events and I often look back at what I was doing last year or the year before particularly my gardening efforts. I do leave out all the trivia around my domestic duties – cleaning, washing, etc.
    I liked your toast and egg gadget. I’ve never seen anything like that in the UK. I do poach my egg in a flexible plastic cup which means it just slides out onto the toast. The addition of mashed avocado with lemon juice and ground chilli is a great addition… give it a try.
    Good to hear from you – Steve xx

  2. Ian Flinders says:

    Another good snapshot of your life, Steve.
    A most agreeable taste in music 🙂 Thank you for the links.

    On your emerging dietary direction, I too often have a brekky of egg on toast. Being a gadget guy, and being a lazy sod, I use one of these:

    It is said that for good health, one should breakfast like a king, lunch like a prince and dine like a pauper. Not sure many do that!

    We’ll meet up one day, Insh’Covid!

    Ian (& Sue x)

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