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Holiday Locations

Bridges hold a strange fascination for us. The pure spectacle and the engineering involved make these man made features awesome in the true sense of the word. The Sydney Harbour bridge was to be the longest single span bridge in the world but by the time it was finished a bridge in New York had been completed and was three quarters of an inch longer.

Steve has an interest in observatories and after visiting the Griffith Observatory in Los Angeles he insisted on going to this one overlooking Sydney Harbour.

The Botanical gardens have a fresh approach to public gardens. They encourage you to walk on the grass, smell the flowers, hug the trees and it's all free.

Darling Harbour at night is alive with sights, sounds and the smells of good food from the restaurants along the front. During one evening a laser light show on a Christmas theme was fascinating.

The evidence of the colonial history is never far away, particularly in the harbour area. These buildings only date back 150 years but this is old in Australian terms.

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