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Arriving in San Francisco after a 14 hour flight from Melbourne cannot prepare you for the traffic and the general hustle and bustle.

Golden Gate viewed from the Pacific side was a new view for us. We did intend hiring bikes and cycling the bridge over to Tiburon on the north side of the bay but our severe colds got the better of us.

Clive's house was just a block away from the famous Lombard street. Apparently Steve McQueen would've driven past Clive's house in Bullet.

This is the view when you step outside the house. The steep streets and the Coit tower on the skyline are the true character of the city.
Coit tower all lit up before the power cuts took hold. Apparently California would be the fifth richest country in the world and yet it doesn't have the money to avoid power cuts.

Lewis, Clive and Steve take a moment after climbing the hill to Coit Tower in the late afternoon.

No visit to California is complete without a visit to the beach. This shot was taken on Christmas day and although the sky doesn't look brilliant it was still a very beautiful day. For those of you with wood burning stoves there is enough seasoned drift wood here to keep the home fires burning for a whole winter.

A drive from Saratoga up into the mountains was an exhilarating experience and the Porsche sticks to the road like it's on rails.



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