The Pig Yard

What's the best thing about having cats....?

We've been cat owners since 1970. Our first cat was Archimedes who we left in the care of Steve's mum and she spoilt him to his death. Pussy was our next cat that stayed with us for over ten years and he lived alongside initially Skunky (don't ask why) who disappeared one dark evening and then Skiffy who produced a beautiful litter of four kittens. This was back in 1978. Others to follow were Liccie, Shadow, Russell and Milo (lived to be 18) all of whom brought special character and unforgettable love into our home.
PIC00024.jpg (168157 bytes) Murphy has been around since about 1995 and although a big cat he is a real coward and the only cat he dominates is young Millie (below)
Millie is just the sweetest cat. As a kitten she would sit for hours on anyone who was prepared to be a couch potato for an hour or two. As she's grown up so she has become far more independent and any love is given or received on her terms. PIC00038.jpg (44576 bytes)
Millie is difficult to photograph because she is so black but Jane managed to snap her in a moment of casual repose.

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