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The Lake District

Holiday Locations

February 1999

The Old Man of Coniston looked a relatively easy climb but it probably wasn't a good idea to do it as the first walk of a weeks holiday. It proved to be tough going in sub zero temperatures. The effort was well rewarded with clear skies and far reaching views of the Lake Coniston. At this time Donald Campbell was still in residence.
We normally stay in a friend's time share on the Langdale Estate and this means that views of Langdale Pikes are frequent. This year because of the very cold weather we had excellent clear skies and beautiful colours

February 2000

There was still snow on the peaks of Langdale pikes but it was not as cold as the previous year and therefore more prone to cloud and showers.
The paths were wet underfoot particularly the well trodden ones. We always managed to get out and walk.

February 2001

From clear, bright days to snow covered hills and low cloud. This was the view from our bedroom window for a short while during 2001 but the weather soon changed and we had some excellent days during the week.
We climbed the lion and the lamb just outside Grasmere and it was tough going for us old folk but we made it. Graham and Dave look relaxed at the summit but there was some very heavy breathing on the way to the top
Although the climb was strenuous the view from the top was superb. The skies were clear but there was a slight haze as the sun cut through the early morning mist. It is impossible to tire of the changing face of the Lake District.