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Brisbane 2001...

Holiday Locations
The mornings in Queensland started early at around 05:00 when the racket from the local bird population was almost deafening. We had excellent close encounters with parakeets, cockatiels and other birds too numerous to mention.


The Glass Mountains are a wonder to behold and although we didn't get to see them all at close quarters these volcanic outcrops are unusual. Brisbane is a sophisticated city and the art gallery and museum are worth a visit. The city may not have the culture and harbour of Sydney but it does have an active river with commuter traffic busy along its whole length.
Bush fires are a constant fear of the Queenslander and it was brought home to us when we witnessed this fire cross a major motorway in a matter of minutes, burning everything in its path and playing havoc with the traffic. Morton Island off the coast of Brisbane is an idyllic place with white, sandy beaches and clear blue seas. Jane, as always, quickly made friends with the natives.
Sunset from Morton Island indicated a storm brewing over the mainland. As night fell lightning could be seen striking Brisbane. The blue jelly fish were washed up on the shore in their hundreds the morning after the storm. All indications are that these do sting.
This area with steep sand dunes is labelled as "The Desert" as if we needed to be informed of the fact. Pelicans in Australia are similar to the Californian ones we had seen before but they are more distinguished.

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